Welcome to Feri's

Feri's sausages creates the finest raw sausages in Helsinki, Finland. We source all of our meats, spices and we lovingly make all of them by hand in our tiny shop in the Punavuori area of Helsinki. You're always welcome to visit our shop and say hi, but if you can't we also deliver and ship it to you.

We've been making sausage for a long time and making a living out of it for over a year now. Our Hot hungarian sausage was awarded the "Best sausage in Helsinki" award in July 2015.

Our sausages are special to us and seems like our customers like them too. They are first of all authentic in their flavours, respecting the culture they represent. They are spicy, but not for the sake of being hot, but tasty. Our sausages can be easily spotted due to the coarser grind of the meat, resulting in a more juicy and meaty sausages instead of the usual super soft texture you get in commercial sausages.

There's a reason we can use bigger chunks of meat in our sausages, it's because we only use the best quality meats and cuts of them. We don't use any leftover parts for our sausages, only proper meat, fat and spices. We never use gluten and we never use anything extra unless the recipe needs it. We will probably never make a sausage with a less than 90% meat content.

The story of Feri's is an interesting one. Founded by Hungarian biologist Ferenc "Feri" Vilisics after his research project ended in the University of Helsinki. He had always been a lover of food and sausages, but now faced unemployment and uncertain future. He took to the one thing he knew well, sausages – them being a usual disappointment for foreigners living in Finland.

During his first year of making sausages he met a local food lover and serial entrepreneur Markus Sandelin who loved the product and could bring support and help to Feri making his sausage empire a reality.