First year of Feri's in Punavuori Julkaistu 22 Sep 09:00

One year ago on this day our new business has started to operate in its current location at Pursimiehenkatu 2 in downtown Helsinki. Before that, for a few months we had rented a small but superbly equipped kitchen at Villa Svalvik in Laajasalo, a villa with breathtaking view to the sea. Big thanks to them for the cooperation!

We owe big thanks to Koala Constructions Oy for the swift and quality work turning the dusty rubbles we found at the Pursimiehenkatu location into a meat processing facility and art gallery. A cozy venue for quality sausage making and events. We are happy with the place, guys! :) 

When our baby was very young we counted each week of her life. We even received postcards from grandparents when she turned 3 months old. Now, a couple of years later, we no longer counting the weeks, only birthdays. 

Similar sentiments are held for Feri's Sausages, our other "baby" that we've nurtured throughout the year in the hope that by the end of 1st year it'll start standing on its own feet and even walk without support. The "baby" certainly stands and walks but not without support: You, dear customer, keep Feri's going week by week.

Thank you for it!

We wish you All a great appetite and a sausage season that never ends! 







Valmista oma makkarasi: Feri´s makkarakurssit Julkaistu 10 Sep 18:15

Keväällä 2014 kun Feri´s Sausages ei vielä ollut olemassa, Feri alkoi makkarakurssien pitämisen yhteistyössä Slow Food Helsingin kanssa. 

Halu jakaa tietoa makkaroiden valmistamisesta jatkuu edelleen: Järjestämme Feri´s makkarapajassa Pursimiehenkadulla makkarantekokursseja, jotka ovat informatiivisia ja hauskoja! Feri pitää kursseja englanniksi.

3 tunnin ohjelma sisältää: 

  • Tietoa makkaran valmistamisesta ja välineistä
  • Vinkkejä mistä ostaa lihaa, silavaa ja suolia
  • Hyvän kotitekoisen makkaran salaisuudet
  • Kahden erilaisen makkaran valmistuksen laadukkaasta lihasta ja mausteista
  • Kurssin aikana valmistetun makkaran paistamisen ja syömisen
  • Jokainen osallistuja saa paketin tuoretta makkaraa kotiin
  • +1: Jos siltä tuntuu otetaan oluet tai maistellaan unkarilaista "grappaa" 

Hinta: 45 Euroa

Maximi osallistujamäärä:  6 hlöä


Seuraavat kurssit (perjantaisin, 18–21):

30. syyskuuta

7. lokakuuta

21. lokakuuta

Ilmoittautuminen: feri@feris.fi

Osoite: Pursimiehenkatu 2C, 00150 Helsinki



Tarjoamme makkarantekokursseja pienille ja isommillekin ryhmille. Voimme esimerkiksi vierailla toimistossanne, jos sieltä löytyy tilaa makkaran tekemiselle. Kurssi voi olla sopiva pikkujoulujuhlan ohjelma, jossa valmistetaan tuoretta makkaraa ja lopuksi paistetaan / grillataan makkarat ja syödään. (ps. Feri tekee myös cateringia ja makkaroiden syömiseen voidaan keksiä sopiva lisuke ja vaikkapa valmistaa yhdessä)

Hinta: Räätälöidään osallistujien lukumäärän ja ohjelman sisällön perusteella. Jutellaan siitä!


Yhteystiedot: feri@feris.fi

We all like to know what's in our sausage, right?

"Sadonkorjuukori" triopakkaus 10% alennuksella Julkaistu 4 Sep 14:17

Syksy on sadonkorjuun aikaa, jolloin koko vuoden työn hedelmät korjataan. Sen kunniaksi olemme keksineet "sadonkorjuukorin", triopakkauksen, joka sisältää kolme teemaan sopivaa makkaraa:

  • Italialainen salsiccia fresca (possunliha, punaviini, fenkoli, valkosipuli, mustapippuri, suola)
  • Etelä-Afrikkalainen boerewors + chili (possunliha, naudanliha, punaviini, neilikka, muskottipähkinä, muskottikukka, korianteri, suola, chilihiutaleet)
  • Smokey Mountain (possunliha, naudanliha, valkosipuli, mustapippuri, savustettu/kuivattu jalapeno eli chipotle, tumma siirappi, suola, salvia, persilja, luonnollinen nestemäinen savuaromi)

Hinta: 27 Euroa/pakkaus (3 x 500 g makkaraa)

Punaviinin ja savun aromit muistuttavat palavien lehtien tuoksusta, syksyisen usvaisista aamuista, marjojen poiminnasta, sienestämisestä ja viinin valmistuksesta. Ja miksei makkara-aterian nauttimisesta sateisena syysiltana?


(Kuva: Siklós-Villányin viinialue Unkarissa, F. Vilisics)

Tarjous loppuu: 30. syyskuuta



Smart delivery all around Uusimaa! Julkaistu 31 Jul 16:15

Our opening hours are not exactly matching the timetables of most of our customers. We are slowly improving toward the most optimal solution, but that is only a small consolation to many of you, who are missing sausages because of our early closing time. We know that.  

Now let us provide you a cost-free delivery solution through which we find a way to get near the customers all around Uusimaa. It's called REKO and it's "spinoff" Farmarin Markkinat (Farmer's Market). 


REKO (Swedish "rejäl konsumtion" or fair consumption) provides a direct sales channel between local producers and customers through locally established Facebook groups. 

Hyvinkää REKO 2015

Photo: Hyvinkää REKO 2015

Photo: Tammisaari REKO 2015

Here's how it works


See the list at the bottom of this post, pick the one that's closest to your home and find the nearest event in Facebook. There you'll find our (and many other producers') advertisement, under which you can place an order. 

The really easy way to order and pay for Feri's sausages is using the web shop. Make sure you select your chosen REKO site for shipment and also, please don't forget to leave a note under our advertisement on the respective Facebook REKO event!  


You can pick up and pay for the products directly from the producer. REKO events usually happen every second week, the same day, same time and same place. Except, some REKOs happen each week.

Each REKO event lasts 30 minutes, so being on time is essential.

Before ordering online, always make sure if Feri's actually attends at your REKO. We do skip some places every now and then.


Payment is easiest when you shop in our webshop (netbank, PayPal), but we accept cash as well at the REKO site.



...of the next two weeks (1st August and onwards). Find details by using the links. 

Tuesday (2nd August):

Wednesday (3rd August)

Thursday (4th August)

Friday (5th August)

Tuesday (9th August)

 Wednesday (10th August)

Thursday (11th August)

 Friday (12th August)

  • 4:30PM Porvoo REKO (Mestarintie 35, Porvoo)
  • 5:30PM Liljendal REKO (SHELL Liljendal)
  • 6:30PM Loviisan REKO (Loviisan tori) - note: Liljendal and Loviisa fall under the same Facebook group! Make sure you pick the right event!

We are back! Julkaistu 23 Jul 12:33

In the first working day after the holiday I could hardly find the entrance door of Feri's and it took double effort to concentrate not to confuse salt for sugar in the beginning... Fortunately no harm was done, and we're ready to continue making awesome sausages!

See below the most important news for this time. 

OPENING HOURS of the shop will be the same as earlier: Tuesday-Friday from 10AM-6PM (Pursimiehenkatu 2C, Helsinki)

DISCOUNT! When shopping online, use the code SUMMER2016 and enjoy a 10% discount on all products!

WIN A T-SHIRT! Buy for 80 Euros or more and get a complimentary Feri's T-shirt. 


NEW PRODUCT! You don't think we travel south and don't learn a thing or two about the local flavours, do you?

  • Balkan Grill sausage (Hot and Mild) are based on the skinless sausages known as kebab, ćevapčići, mititei and so on. We use original recipes (one that we liked the most among the thousand versions, to be honest), use beef, lamb and pork and use fresh parsley and mint. 
  • Note: by using the skewers grilling our thin raw sausages is made super easy. We'll add skewers to our hot Balkan grill sausages. See the bucket grill photos below, taken somewhere between Orimattila and Hollola in a truck parking. Super easy, certainly. 













Opening time during holiday Julkaistu 2 Jul 10:15

So, it's here at last. Feri and co. will be on a trip across Europe from Helsinki to the Adriatic Sea and back. Strictly professional purposes, such as sausage sampling and business, of course (NOT)!
  • During this period, we'll keep the door open two days a week, when sausages will be available from the freezer (hey, you get 10% discount)!
  • We keep the web shop is closed, but we won't shut down our Facebook page nor our email account so feel free to contact us in any matter!
We finish all sentences with exclamation mark
Feri's opening time (4July-21July)!
Follow the sausage-journey on Instagram!  #ferissausages
P.s. We are grateful to have such great customers, truly, it's an honour to serve you! 

Summertime! Julkaistu 27 Jun 08:46

Midsummer has gone and here we are, left with sore muscles and the lingering feeling "we nailed it!". Meaning: we are still alive and there are no rioting customers at the shop. :) 

Frankly, we never had to make and deliver so much sausages in such a short time that we did last week. And it wasn't a 100% smooth sail as some of You had experienced delays, or received sausages in the pack you haven't asked for, encountered confusions between the content of the automated answer of our web shop and our "real" operations and so on.

We put aside EVERYTHING in order to deliver your sausages on time from Siuntio to Tampere, from Porvoo to Parola, from Hyvinkää to Vantaa, and it was excruciating to see that in some cases we didn't succeed. We apologize for the mistakes. 

A "real" professional business would probably won't admit it, but I dare revealing that we are tired and longing for a summer holiday. Therefore, we'll take a few weeks off from the beginning of July (estd. between 4th-20th July). 

If you'd like to get fresh sausages, you can place an order until Thursday so we can fulfill it by the end of Friday. During the holiday the shop will be open in limited hours (more info later), our sausages will be available from the freezer. 

Enjoy summertime! :)

Feri et al.

Photo: Istvan Prause of Feri's merguez sausages. Big thanks to him for letting us using the photo! 

Feri's online store closes until the weekend Julkaistu 22 Jun 07:19

Dear Customer and Customer to-be, 

We will disable our web shop for a few days because we have reached the limit of our capacities.

You, couple of hundreds of people have honoured as with a great deal of trust, and in order to fulfilll each and every order we needed to make a difficult decision: we won't take more orders until Saturday, 25th June. 

These are exciting days (meaning: complete craziness, panic and organized chaos behind the scenes), as we've never made so much sausage in our lives.

If you wish to order sausages for the coming weeks, please visit www.feris.fi on Saturday (25.6) or later. 


Team Feri's Sausages


Juhannus pack at Feri's Julkaistu 6 Jun 08:56

Midsummer is all about grilling, sauna, some more grilling and some more sauna. We know that, and promptly prepare with sausages you can't get anywhere near. 

Feri's offer for Juhannus ("Juhannus Pack"):

- 1x 500g Hot Italian salsiccia fresca  

-1x 400g Herbes de Provence Duck sausage

 Price: 19,90 Euro / Juhannus pack



- Provence duck sausage made of fresh French duck filets, sundried tomatoes, fresh garlic, fresh basil, our own "Herbes the Provence" mix and olives. It contains pork up to 20% to provide the right texture, otherwise it'll be too dry.

- Hot Italian salsiccia fresca with pork, red wine, fennel, chili flakes, black pepper and garlic. 





Pick up:

- Feri's Shop at Feri's Sausages on June 21, 22, 23 and 24

- Home delivery (cost 10 Euros below 3 kg order)

- Reko sites in Uusimaa (check events in your REKO group to see if we'll attend there)


We'll be busy making the J'Pack so we won't be able to make other sausages. However, our freezer is filled with our most popular sausages, available to take them with you once at Feri's. Remember the 10% discount you get if buy from the freezer! :)


How to grill (y)our sausages? Julkaistu 30 May 22:11

"What you put on your grill is what you are" goes the ancient Dakota saying and whatever they meant, they were probably right!

Within ten days we've been grilling four times in various occasions. You could meet us at the BrewDog Pub, the Punavuoren Ahven, Restaurant Day and the KirjaClub. Everywhere we went we showcased the great flavours grilling adds to our raw sausages. 

No wonder, why? After the silver medal in St. Petersburg and besides the mighty football league, there's one other national sport left for Finland before the short summer ends: GRILLING!

Here's how you can easily grill Feri's sausages: 

  • Take sausages out of their package.
  • Separate sausages from each other (with knife, scissors)
  • Put sausages on the grill
  • In the beginning use medium to low heat on a gas or electric grill. On a charcoal grill, too. :D
  • Turn up the heat once the skin hardened
  • Turn sausages frequently and pick a few holes on them with a sharp object. Too many holes result in small and dry sausages!
  • If in a hurry, better pre-cook the sausages in hot, not boiling water for 10 minutes.

Don't forget to use the discount code (JUNESALES) when you order from our web shop (www.feris.fi), you'll get 10% discount on all products! (exp. date 19th June)