Smart delivery all around Uusimaa!

Our opening hours are not exactly matching the timetables of most of our customers. We are slowly improving toward the most optimal solution, but that is only a small consolation to many of you, who are missing sausages because of our early closing time. We know that.  

Now let us provide you a cost-free delivery solution through which we find a way to get near the customers all around Uusimaa. It's called REKO and it's "spinoff" Farmarin Markkinat (Farmer's Market). 


REKO (Swedish "rejäl konsumtion" or fair consumption) provides a direct sales channel between local producers and customers through locally established Facebook groups. 

Hyvinkää REKO 2015

Photo: Hyvinkää REKO 2015

Photo: Tammisaari REKO 2015

Here's how it works


See the list at the bottom of this post, pick the one that's closest to your home and find the nearest event in Facebook. There you'll find our (and many other producers') advertisement, under which you can place an order. 

The really easy way to order and pay for Feri's sausages is using the web shop. Make sure you select your chosen REKO site for shipment and also, please don't forget to leave a note under our advertisement on the respective Facebook REKO event!  


You can pick up and pay for the products directly from the producer. REKO events usually happen every second week, the same day, same time and same place. Except, some REKOs happen each week.

Each REKO event lasts 30 minutes, so being on time is essential.

Before ordering online, always make sure if Feri's actually attends at your REKO. We do skip some places every now and then.


Payment is easiest when you shop in our webshop (netbank, PayPal), but we accept cash as well at the REKO site.



...of the next two weeks (1st August and onwards). Find details by using the links. 

Tuesday (2nd August):

Wednesday (3rd August)

Thursday (4th August)

Friday (5th August)

Tuesday (9th August)

 Wednesday (10th August)

Thursday (11th August)

 Friday (12th August)

  • 4:30PM Porvoo REKO (Mestarintie 35, Porvoo)
  • 5:30PM Liljendal REKO (SHELL Liljendal)
  • 6:30PM Loviisan REKO (Loviisan tori) - note: Liljendal and Loviisa fall under the same Facebook group! Make sure you pick the right event!