We are back! Posted on 23 Jul 12:33

In the first working day after the holiday I could hardly find the entrance door of Feri's and it took double effort to concentrate not to confuse salt for sugar in the beginning... Fortunately no harm was done, and we're ready to continue making awesome sausages!

See below the most important news for this time. 

OPENING HOURS of the shop will be the same as earlier: Tuesday-Friday from 10AM-6PM (Pursimiehenkatu 2C, Helsinki)

DISCOUNT! When shopping online, use the code SUMMER2016 and enjoy a 10% discount on all products!

WIN A T-SHIRT! Buy for 80 Euros or more and get a complimentary Feri's T-shirt. 


NEW PRODUCT! You don't think we travel south and don't learn a thing or two about the local flavours, do you?

  • Balkan Grill sausage (Hot and Mild) are based on the skinless sausages known as kebab, ćevapčići, mititei and so on. We use original recipes (one that we liked the most among the thousand versions, to be honest), use beef, lamb and pork and use fresh parsley and mint. 
  • Note: by using the skewers grilling our thin raw sausages is made super easy. We'll add skewers to our hot Balkan grill sausages. See the bucket grill photos below, taken somewhere between Orimattila and Hollola in a truck parking. Super easy, certainly.