"Sadonkorjuukori" triopakkaus 10% alennuksella Julkaistu 4 Sep 14:17

Syksy on sadonkorjuun aikaa, jolloin koko vuoden työn hedelmät korjataan. Sen kunniaksi olemme keksineet "sadonkorjuukorin", triopakkauksen, joka sisältää kolme teemaan sopivaa makkaraa:

  • Italialainen salsiccia fresca (possunliha, punaviini, fenkoli, valkosipuli, mustapippuri, suola)
  • Etelä-Afrikkalainen boerewors + chili (possunliha, naudanliha, punaviini, neilikka, muskottipähkinä, muskottikukka, korianteri, suola, chilihiutaleet)
  • Smokey Mountain (possunliha, naudanliha, valkosipuli, mustapippuri, savustettu/kuivattu jalapeno eli chipotle, tumma siirappi, suola, salvia, persilja, luonnollinen nestemäinen savuaromi)

Hinta: 27 Euroa/pakkaus (3 x 500 g makkaraa)

Punaviinin ja savun aromit muistuttavat palavien lehtien tuoksusta, syksyisen usvaisista aamuista, marjojen poiminnasta, sienestämisestä ja viinin valmistuksesta. Ja miksei makkara-aterian nauttimisesta sateisena syysiltana?


(Kuva: Siklós-Villányin viinialue Unkarissa, F. Vilisics)

Tarjous loppuu: 30. syyskuuta



Summertime! Julkaistu 27 Jun 08:46

Midsummer has gone and here we are, left with sore muscles and the lingering feeling "we nailed it!". Meaning: we are still alive and there are no rioting customers at the shop. :) 

Frankly, we never had to make and deliver so much sausages in such a short time that we did last week. And it wasn't a 100% smooth sail as some of You had experienced delays, or received sausages in the pack you haven't asked for, encountered confusions between the content of the automated answer of our web shop and our "real" operations and so on.

We put aside EVERYTHING in order to deliver your sausages on time from Siuntio to Tampere, from Porvoo to Parola, from Hyvinkää to Vantaa, and it was excruciating to see that in some cases we didn't succeed. We apologize for the mistakes. 

A "real" professional business would probably won't admit it, but I dare revealing that we are tired and longing for a summer holiday. Therefore, we'll take a few weeks off from the beginning of July (estd. between 4th-20th July). 

If you'd like to get fresh sausages, you can place an order until Thursday so we can fulfill it by the end of Friday. During the holiday the shop will be open in limited hours (more info later), our sausages will be available from the freezer. 

Enjoy summertime! :)

Feri et al.

Photo: Istvan Prause of Feri's merguez sausages. Big thanks to him for letting us using the photo! 

How to grill (y)our sausages? Julkaistu 30 May 22:11

"What you put on your grill is what you are" goes the ancient Dakota saying and whatever they meant, they were probably right!

Within ten days we've been grilling four times in various occasions. You could meet us at the BrewDog Pub, the Punavuoren Ahven, Restaurant Day and the KirjaClub. Everywhere we went we showcased the great flavours grilling adds to our raw sausages. 

No wonder, why? After the silver medal in St. Petersburg and besides the mighty football league, there's one other national sport left for Finland before the short summer ends: GRILLING!

Here's how you can easily grill Feri's sausages: 

  • Take sausages out of their package.
  • Separate sausages from each other (with knife, scissors)
  • Put sausages on the grill
  • In the beginning use medium to low heat on a gas or electric grill. On a charcoal grill, too. :D
  • Turn up the heat once the skin hardened
  • Turn sausages frequently and pick a few holes on them with a sharp object. Too many holes result in small and dry sausages!
  • If in a hurry, better pre-cook the sausages in hot, not boiling water for 10 minutes.

Don't forget to use the discount code (JUNESALES) when you order from our web shop (www.feris.fi), you'll get 10% discount on all products! (exp. date 19th June)