A story that starts somewhat sad but ends with sausages. Julkaistu 09 Oct 18:16

October. We knew it's coming but somehow it took us off guard. Again. Yesterday, it feels, it was still summer. And now it's getting dark too early and the car feels like an ice box in the morning. 

October is the door wide open to winter we're all preparing for since August is over. Some of us travels to a sunny place to feel the kiss of the Sun for one last time, but every journey ends one day, and the big North awaits with it's almost otherworldly darkness and cold.

October. The euphoria of the rich harvest is fading, the summer birds are gone, too. The berries, apples are in the freezer and jars, the mushrooms too. We had all the good vegetables September could offer - many more times than we can count. We were all grateful for one more sunny day, happy for another decent Sunday afternoon. And here we are. October is finally here and we want something comforting, something rich. Something warm.

For us at Feri's sausages at this time of the year aren't for the grill. We put good meaty and well-spiced paprika sausages and chorizos in the oven or on the pan and use them sliced in thick soups of bean or lentils, we also cook pieces of fried bratwursts with cabbage or sauerkraut.

We use chunks of fried chicken sausages, salsiccia or merguez to make a quick pasta topping with or without tomato sauce, or use them with oven-baked potatoes and onions. On lazy mornings we use yesterday's leftover sausages to spice up an omelette. The possibilities are nearly endless. 

Enjoy the cold days with good sausages and good beer! 

We use "Keito" from Hiisin Panimo

Order OKTOBERFEST Trio pack (20% Discount) 24 Euros.


  • Bratwurst (500 g)
  • Hungarian Mild Paprika Sausage (500 g)
  • Beer'n Bacon Sausage (the latest product of Feri's Sausages, 500 g)

See ingredients on the website: www.feris.fi

preparing to the Beer'n Bacon sausage

Valmista oma makkarasi: Feri´s makkarakurssit Julkaistu 10 Sep 18:15

Keväällä 2014 kun Feri´s Sausages ei vielä ollut olemassa, Feri alkoi makkarakurssien pitämisen yhteistyössä Slow Food Helsingin kanssa. 

Halu jakaa tietoa makkaroiden valmistamisesta jatkuu edelleen: Järjestämme Feri´s makkarapajassa Pursimiehenkadulla makkarantekokursseja, jotka ovat informatiivisia ja hauskoja! Feri pitää kursseja englanniksi.

3 tunnin ohjelma sisältää: 

  • Tietoa makkaran valmistamisesta ja välineistä
  • Vinkkejä mistä ostaa lihaa, silavaa ja suolia
  • Hyvän kotitekoisen makkaran salaisuudet
  • Kahden erilaisen makkaran valmistuksen laadukkaasta lihasta ja mausteista
  • Kurssin aikana valmistetun makkaran paistamisen ja syömisen
  • Jokainen osallistuja saa paketin tuoretta makkaraa kotiin
  • +1: Jos siltä tuntuu otetaan oluet tai maistellaan unkarilaista "grappaa" 

Hinta: 45 Euroa

Maximi osallistujamäärä:  6 hlöä


Seuraavat kurssit (perjantaisin, 18–21):

30. syyskuuta

7. lokakuuta

21. lokakuuta

Ilmoittautuminen: feri@feris.fi

Osoite: Pursimiehenkatu 2C, 00150 Helsinki



Tarjoamme makkarantekokursseja pienille ja isommillekin ryhmille. Voimme esimerkiksi vierailla toimistossanne, jos sieltä löytyy tilaa makkaran tekemiselle. Kurssi voi olla sopiva pikkujoulujuhlan ohjelma, jossa valmistetaan tuoretta makkaraa ja lopuksi paistetaan / grillataan makkarat ja syödään. (ps. Feri tekee myös cateringia ja makkaroiden syömiseen voidaan keksiä sopiva lisuke ja vaikkapa valmistaa yhdessä)

Hinta: Räätälöidään osallistujien lukumäärän ja ohjelman sisällön perusteella. Jutellaan siitä!


Yhteystiedot: feri@feris.fi

We all like to know what's in our sausage, right?

"Sadonkorjuukori" triopakkaus 10% alennuksella Julkaistu 04 Sep 14:17

Syksy on sadonkorjuun aikaa, jolloin koko vuoden työn hedelmät korjataan. Sen kunniaksi olemme keksineet "sadonkorjuukorin", triopakkauksen, joka sisältää kolme teemaan sopivaa makkaraa:

  • Italialainen salsiccia fresca (possunliha, punaviini, fenkoli, valkosipuli, mustapippuri, suola)
  • Etelä-Afrikkalainen boerewors + chili (possunliha, naudanliha, punaviini, neilikka, muskottipähkinä, muskottikukka, korianteri, suola, chilihiutaleet)
  • Smokey Mountain (possunliha, naudanliha, valkosipuli, mustapippuri, savustettu/kuivattu jalapeno eli chipotle, tumma siirappi, suola, salvia, persilja, luonnollinen nestemäinen savuaromi)

Hinta: 27 Euroa/pakkaus (3 x 500 g makkaraa)

Punaviinin ja savun aromit muistuttavat palavien lehtien tuoksusta, syksyisen usvaisista aamuista, marjojen poiminnasta, sienestämisestä ja viinin valmistuksesta. Ja miksei makkara-aterian nauttimisesta sateisena syysiltana?


(Kuva: Siklós-Villányin viinialue Unkarissa, F. Vilisics)

Tarjous loppuu: 30. syyskuuta



How to grill (y)our sausages? Julkaistu 30 May 22:11

"What you put on your grill is what you are" goes the ancient Dakota saying and whatever they meant, they were probably right!

Within ten days we've been grilling four times in various occasions. You could meet us at the BrewDog Pub, the Punavuoren Ahven, Restaurant Day and the KirjaClub. Everywhere we went we showcased the great flavours grilling adds to our raw sausages. 

No wonder, why? After the silver medal in St. Petersburg and besides the mighty football league, there's one other national sport left for Finland before the short summer ends: GRILLING!

Here's how you can easily grill Feri's sausages: 

  • Take sausages out of their package.
  • Separate sausages from each other (with knife, scissors)
  • Put sausages on the grill
  • In the beginning use medium to low heat on a gas or electric grill. On a charcoal grill, too. :D
  • Turn up the heat once the skin hardened
  • Turn sausages frequently and pick a few holes on them with a sharp object. Too many holes result in small and dry sausages!
  • If in a hurry, better pre-cook the sausages in hot, not boiling water for 10 minutes.

Don't forget to use the discount code (JUNESALES) when you order from our web shop (www.feris.fi), you'll get 10% discount on all products! (exp. date 19th June)

Return of the Paprika Julkaistu 16 May 09:20

Hungary is the only country in the world that uses sweet paprika powder as main flavouring ingredient in its cuisine. No wonder we make sausages red from it! Over 2% of the mass of our legendary Hot Hungarian paprika sausage is good quality paprika powder, and such an intense use can easily lead to an empty paprika storage if the supply isn't resolved. 

Some of you might have noticed the lack of Hungarian sausages in our offers lately. No shame in that, we simply ran out of good quality paprika powder and had no willingness to replace it with something lower quality until we get the real thing.

Problem is, paprika powder provided by the known brands in Finland simply can't compare with the Hungarian paprika. The colour is brownish, the odour is unpleasant, the flavour is bitter. Don't worry, we use only pure Hungarian paprika powder, otherwise we couldn't provide the usual high quality of our sausages. 

Last week we took a 4000 km long road trip from Helsinki to a local farmer in Alsószentiván, Hungary (and back) to bring home enough paprika we can re-start our paprika sausage production. The mission was a success! Check our web store and place and order!

Also, besides sausages you can buy original Hungarian hot paprika paste ("Erős Pista") at Feri's.

Have a nice week everyone! 


(Photo: www.debrecenhirado.hu)