First year of Feri's in Punavuori

One year ago on this day our new business has started to operate in its current location at Pursimiehenkatu 2 in downtown Helsinki. Before that, for a few months we had rented a small but superbly equipped kitchen at Villa Svalvik in Laajasalo, a villa with breathtaking view to the sea. Big thanks to them for the cooperation!

We owe big thanks to Koala Constructions Oy for the swift and quality work turning the dusty rubbles we found at the Pursimiehenkatu location into a meat processing facility and art gallery. A cozy venue for quality sausage making and events. We are happy with the place, guys! :) 

When our baby was very young we counted each week of her life. We even received postcards from grandparents when she turned 3 months old. Now, a couple of years later, we no longer counting the weeks, only birthdays. 

Similar sentiments are held for Feri's Sausages, our other "baby" that we've nurtured throughout the year in the hope that by the end of 1st year it'll start standing on its own feet and even walk without support. The "baby" certainly stands and walks but not without support: You, dear customer, keep Feri's going week by week.

Thank you for it!

We wish you All a great appetite and a sausage season that never ends!