Feri's offers in November: moose sausage and 20% discount

Nobody likes November. Most of us like good sausages, tho. While we can't change the bleakness of November, we can always have a great sausage meal.

Feri's Sausages has two great offers to make November a better season:

MOOSEWURST as bratwurst made of locally (Uusimaa) hunted moose 

(moose, pork 20%), salt, ginger, mace, caraway, allspice, white pepper, marjoram) 

The moose meat comes from www.viltgarden.com

Price: 13EUR / 500 g (vacuum pack)


- Order PIKKUJOULU Trio-pack with three exciting sausage specialties to get 20% discount:

Apple and pork (British recipe) - (pork, salt, onions, garlic, apples, molasses, nutmeg, black pepper, sage, thyme,) HEAT: 1/5

Longganisa (Filipino recipe) - (pork, salt, sugar, black pepper, vinegar, chili flakes) HEAT: 2/5

Kolbász (Hungarian recipe, spicy paprika sausage) - (pork, salt, garlic, black pepper, caraway, Hungarian paprika powder) HEAT: 3/5

Price: 25EUR / 3*500 g (vacuum pack)

I know I know, the four weeks of Advent and the row of Pikkujoulu parties is not even close. Yet, it's comforting to name the sausage pack Pikkujoulu, as a sign that the holiday season is so near we can almost grab it!


Order sausages from the web shop: https://www.feris.fi/collections/all