Feri's Beer Shop: One small step for man...and a large beer to me! (please)

Sausage and beer? Oh, yes! :) 

When Feri's has opened in 2015 October it didn't open with any large event supporting the fact we are open... It was just a humble opening that fit well to our humble start. In our day-to-day struggle to stay in business we had to neglect the actual venue: where a shop should be you find a rather bohemian hotchpotch of a place, a crossover between an art gallery and a storage place. We know that too well. 

On the other hand, if you like, Feri's is a functioning sausage producing site, a vibrant art gallery and... a bottle shop since yesterday when we finally managed to assemble the shelving units. This is huge to us... We've been wishing/planning that for 2 years. 

The permit we have allows us to sell beers up to Alc. 4,7%, but we'd like to extend it as soon as possible. Nevertheless, Feri's will be the only independent beer shop (that we know of) in Punavuori.

Our goal is to represent as many local beer makers as we can. This goes quite well: Donut Island Brewing, the neighbour from right next door will be represented with their own beers as well as products made in cooperation with Hiisin Panimo (Jyväskylä). Our dear neighbour is quite something! Their sour ale "Andrea" has been voted as best in the category in 2017! (image: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/hiisi--donut-island-andrea/536416/)

The mighty city of Espoo lays just 10 (or 45 in high traffic) minutes drive from Feri's. If one thing, Fat Lizard Brewing beers are certainly something we want to take from there. Their Track Day IPA won the category as best IPA in Finland in 2016. (image: https://www.facebook.com/FatLizardBeer/)

Beer aficionados will be pleased to find the velvety-dark Porter of Svartå Bryggeri / Mustion Panimo on our shelves. This microbrewery sits in tiny old brick building that used to belong to the local fire department. I loved the story, as well as the beer!

Representing east, Panimoyhtiö Tuju from Lappeenranta certainly has a place on our shelves! They are not stranger to Helsinki beer lovers either, you can find Tuju beer in Alko and on tap in several pubs. (image: https://www.facebook.com/panimoyhtioTUJU/)

In our pursuit in providing interesting and diverse beer selection, we'll have beers from all around Finland and Hungary as well. Hungary has a rich beer tradition and, just like in Finland, this new beer renaissance has left a mark on the Hungarian beer map as well. 

Our first take from Hungary is Reketye Brewing from Budapest, invited exhibitor at Helsinki Beer Festival 2017. Totally worth trying! (image: https://www.facebook.com/jonaskezmuvessorhaz/)

The list of potential partners grows day by day. Tell us if you have a favourite brewery whose beers you'd like to see in our shop! 

Ps. Once there's beer on the shelves, we'll come up with a proper house warming party... It's about time, I guess... :D


Preparing: Vallilan Panimo, Mallaskuun Panimo