A story that starts somewhat sad but ends with sausages.

October. We knew it's coming but somehow it took us off guard. Again. Yesterday, it feels, it was still summer. And now it's getting dark too early and the car feels like an ice box in the morning. 

October is the door wide open to winter we're all preparing for since August is over. Some of us travels to a sunny place to feel the kiss of the Sun for one last time, but every journey ends one day, and the big North awaits with it's almost otherworldly darkness and cold.

October. The euphoria of the rich harvest is fading, the summer birds are gone, too. The berries, apples are in the freezer and jars, the mushrooms too. We had all the good vegetables September could offer - many more times than we can count. We were all grateful for one more sunny day, happy for another decent Sunday afternoon. And here we are. October is finally here and we want something comforting, something rich. Something warm.

For us at Feri's sausages at this time of the year aren't for the grill. We put good meaty and well-spiced paprika sausages and chorizos in the oven or on the pan and use them sliced in thick soups of bean or lentils, we also cook pieces of fried bratwursts with cabbage or sauerkraut.

We use chunks of fried chicken sausages, salsiccia or merguez to make a quick pasta topping with or without tomato sauce, or use them with oven-baked potatoes and onions. On lazy mornings we use yesterday's leftover sausages to spice up an omelette. The possibilities are nearly endless. 

Enjoy the cold days with good sausages and good beer! 

We use "Keito" from Hiisin Panimo

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  • Bratwurst (500 g)
  • Hungarian Mild Paprika Sausage (500 g)
  • Beer'n Bacon Sausage (the latest product of Feri's Sausages, 500 g)

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preparing to the Beer'n Bacon sausage