Juhannus pack at Feri's

Midsummer is all about grilling, sauna, some more grilling and some more sauna. We know that, and promptly prepare with sausages you can't get anywhere near. 

Feri's offer for Juhannus ("Juhannus Pack"):

- 1x 500g Hot Italian salsiccia fresca  

-1x 400g Herbes de Provence Duck sausage

 Price: 19,90 Euro / Juhannus pack



- Provence duck sausage made of fresh French duck filets, sundried tomatoes, fresh garlic, fresh basil, our own "Herbes the Provence" mix and olives. It contains pork up to 20% to provide the right texture, otherwise it'll be too dry.

- Hot Italian salsiccia fresca with pork, red wine, fennel, chili flakes, black pepper and garlic. 





Pick up:

- Feri's Shop at Feri's Sausages on June 21, 22, 23 and 24

- Home delivery (cost 10 Euros below 3 kg order)

- Reko sites in Uusimaa (check events in your REKO group to see if we'll attend there)


We'll be busy making the J'Pack so we won't be able to make other sausages. However, our freezer is filled with our most popular sausages, available to take them with you once at Feri's. Remember the 10% discount you get if buy from the freezer! :)