Return of the Paprika

Hungary is the only country in the world that uses sweet paprika powder as main flavouring ingredient in its cuisine. No wonder we make sausages red from it! Over 2% of the mass of our legendary Hot Hungarian paprika sausage is good quality paprika powder, and such an intense use can easily lead to an empty paprika storage if the supply isn't resolved. 

Some of you might have noticed the lack of Hungarian sausages in our offers lately. No shame in that, we simply ran out of good quality paprika powder and had no willingness to replace it with something lower quality until we get the real thing.

Problem is, paprika powder provided by the known brands in Finland simply can't compare with the Hungarian paprika. The colour is brownish, the odour is unpleasant, the flavour is bitter. Don't worry, we use only pure Hungarian paprika powder, otherwise we couldn't provide the usual high quality of our sausages. 

Last week we took a 4000 km long road trip from Helsinki to a local farmer in Alsószentiván, Hungary (and back) to bring home enough paprika we can re-start our paprika sausage production. The mission was a success! Check our web store and place and order!

Also, besides sausages you can buy original Hungarian hot paprika paste ("Erős Pista") at Feri's.

Have a nice week everyone!