Online bank payments and discounts!

The spring is here and Wappu was a resounding success. We are getting amazing feedback from our customers and nothing makes us happier. To celebrate spring, we are giving our 50 fastest fans a 10% discount on any purchase with the code:


Great reviews

As said, we have been receiving a great amount of amazing reviews on our Facebook page, the last ones for example:

"Meaty. Spicy. Full of flavours. Damn good sausages." -Mika Hakkarainen

"REAL Italian sausage in Helsinki, totally worth it! Also other types of sausages are excellent. Thank you Feri!" -Fabrizio Trotti

"Ihan mielettömän hyviä makkaroita! smile emoticon" -Sonja Honkanen

We are so happy to receive these, thank you! So far we are keeping a 5 star rating and hoping to keep it in the future as well.

Online banking payments

Many have been asking for paying directly through the bank account and we can finally tell you the good news - IT HAS ARRIVED! Purchase normally and select "Maksuturva" from the payment list (you can always still pay with credit cards and Paypal). Next up, debit cards are on the way as well, but that might take a while.

Please let us know if there are any issues or problems by emailing our customer support at