New machines, new web shop – spring brings changes

It has taken a long time to get everything going at a larger scale - we ordered new sausage making machines in October last year, but only received them this month! Meanwhile, our lovely customers didn't wait for new machines, but kept ordering more and more and we ended up breaking two smaller sausage presses while waiting for the machines. Luckily, they are here now and we can get cracking properly!

This means that we are also simplifying the way people can purchase our produce - our new web shop. All orders will go through the same place, whether you want to pickup at a REKO, our shop or have everything delivered to your house.

We will keep doing our special packages, so look up for our awesome specials. Thanks so much for supporting us and our cause, we love you!

New products out in April

For April we are revamping our old classic, the Bratwurst into something even more special a Nürnberg variation of said German classic and you can start ordering it RIGHT NOW. It's 96% organic pork meat and tastes wonderful.